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Strengthening Tier 1 and 2 Behavior Strategies and Building Strong School Culture for Greater Student Success

Available as a Summer Institute by Polly Bath

2011 05 12_0082_edited-3This 3-day Summer Institute is all about helping students who are at-risk for behaviors to succeed in school. You’ll learn how to establish highly successful classrooms as well as how to build school-wide Tier 1 and 2 strategies to address the unique needs of these students. You will leave with strategies you can use and share.

Participants: This Summer Institute is for every educator who wants to improve student behavior, including general and special education teachers and administrators, social workers, school psychologists, school adjustment counselors, guidance counselors, and paraprofessionals


I. Making sure Tier 1 behavior practices are strong (A successful Tier 2 must have a sturdy Tier 1 to build upon.)

Do all adults in your school know how to:

  • Avoid power struggles, even with oppositional kids?
  • Avoid and manage behavior escalations?
  • Respond consistently and predictably toward all students? ALL the time?
  • Respond to mild, moderate, and severe behaviors?
  • Meet the basic social/emotional needs of the vast majority of students?
  • Smoothly redirect students in both structured and unstructured environments?
  • Identify and teach needed behavior and social skills day in and day out?
  • Maintain the dignity of adults and students no matter what the situation?
  • Build a stronger classroom learning environment by handling mild and moderate behaviors inside the classroom?
  • Access useful assistance when behaviors exceed classroom capacity?
  • Relate effectively with a range of students from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds?

Does your school have a structured, easy-to-use behavior data system? Does it:

  • Clearly and objectively define and target the worst behaviors?
  • Readily reveal students with at-risk behaviors?
  • Reveal behavior hot-spots—the whens and wheres of behavior?
  • Produce measurable data?
  • Simplify data-gathering and progress-monitoring for everybody?

II. Building successful Tier 2 behavior practices for kids at-risk for behavior

  1. Installing the missing team to accelerate behavior change! Every school needs a highly trained, swift-acting Behavior Intervention Team (or subset of an existing team) to problem-solve relentlessly, every week, around the worst behaviors in the building.
    • Using a unique data-driven protocol that will zoom in on:
      • The kids who are displaying at-risk behaviors this week
      • The behavior hot spots in need of assistance this week—times of day, places, activities, environments, classrooms, and staff
    • Responding to the data in a highly effective, responsive, behavior-changing way. (Otherwise, you’ll be discussing the same students in January that you were discussing in September!)
  1. Developing a “Menu of Services” for the Behavior Intervention Team that speeds up and improves interventions.
    • Learning a systemic approach to identifying and maximizing which program, service, or individual is best for specific interventions.
  1. Developing a Student Support Center (using existing staff) to proactively address behaviors that threaten to exceed classroom capacity.

  1. Restructuring In-School Suspension to add behavior interventions and skill building in order to prevent repeated violations.

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