It is okay to lose

Date: June 28th, 2016

Watch this video to see why it’s important to allow kids to experience failure.

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Hung up on criss-cross applesauce?

Date: June 23rd, 2016

When we are teaching little kids, we can’t get caught up in having them sit in the criss-cross applesauce position. Watch this video to see why.

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Behavior: school vs. home

Date: June 16th, 2016

Have you ever felt that what you’ve taught a kid in school gets undone when he/she goes home? Many of us have. Watch this video for what we need to do so that doesn’t happen.

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Keep accommodation within school rules

Date: June 9th, 2016

Kids with documented disabilities may need accommodations. But we need to make sure we don’t break school rules with those accommodations. Watch this video for my tip on how we can do this.

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Behavior: don’t ask, redirect

Date: June 2nd, 2016

Sometimes we get caught up in asking students questions why they are doing something. But is that really the best way to handle things? Watch this video for my tip.

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