Behavior: do you use rewards poorly?

Date: February 22nd, 2017

Using rewards isn’t always a bad thing. BUT are rewards internally motivating your students? Watch this video for my tip on how to do this.

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Behavior: stop, think, process!

Date: February 15th, 2017

When there is a behavior issue with a student, we usually jump in immediately to handle it. But instead of this, I like to use a process called S.T.P. Watch this video to see what that is.

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Behavior: why is teaching ‘everybody is a winner’ a problem?

Date: February 8th, 2017

When someone fails, it gives them a chance to make changes. Then, when they get it right, it builds confidence. If we don’t allow kids to fail, how will they learn this? Watch my video for more.

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Behavior: handling distractions!

Date: February 1st, 2017

Kids can be very easily distracted. Watch my video to see my tip on how I handle it.

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