Do Your Behavior Rewards FAIL?

Date: August 29th, 2021

As a behavior expert who consults all over the country, I can tell you, systems that OVER-REWARD behaviors do not get the results they hoped for! Here’s why…

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4 Reasons Kids Get Angry

Date: August 22nd, 2021

Understanding why a kid is angry can help us manage and change related behaviors!

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School Behavior: Kids from Tough Situations

Date: August 15th, 2021

Just because a kid has a tough life outside of school does NOT mean that they can’t behave in your classroom. Here’s why.

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2 Tips: The Student Who Argues

Date: August 8th, 2021

Do you have a kid who argues about EVERYTHING?! Here are two simple tips I recommend when a child tries to argue with you.

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Make NO Mean NO!!!

Date: August 1st, 2021

From the first day of school, you have to teach kids that when you say no it means NO. This will REALLY help with behaviors!

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