Ask Polly Bath: “Adult” Behaviors from Younger Kids?

Date: August 20th, 2023

Polly answers the question: “This year I’m seeing an alarming amount of ‘hands on’ and “adult” behavior with my 5th graders. Yikes! Any thoughts about addressing this?”

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Social Skills Impact Behavior!

Date: August 16th, 2023

Behaviors happen when kids don’t have social skills. In order to prevent these behaviors, we need to purposefully teach social skills.

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Ask Polly Bath: ‘Littles’ and Self-Regulating

Date: August 13th, 2023

Polly answers the question: “How can I help my ‘littles’ to self-regulate and calm themselves? Some days they keep it together and other days they unravel at the slightest challenge!”

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Be Consistent with School Rules!

Date: August 9th, 2023

When it comes to school rules, if you let the little things slide, they will turn into bigger issues!

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Ask Polly Bath: Is Swearing the New Norm?

Date: August 5th, 2023

Polly answers the question: “This year cuss words and slurs seem normal to our students! Even my 3rd graders! I’m struggling not to let the level of disrespect hijack my feelings. How do I send the message that their language matters – to me and to each other?”

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Attention Seeking Behavior?

Date: August 2nd, 2023

When the function of a child’s behavior is to get attention, I give it to them without having to earn it.

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Ask Polly Bath: Frustrated with Lunch Duty?

Date: July 29th, 2023

Polly answers the question: “I have lunch duty in our elementary school, and I’m amazed at what kids cannot do on their own. They can’t scrape and stack a tray. They can’t tell when a trash can is too full to use. And, they can’t even interact with each other! How can I get them to do better without creating a negative environment with my frustration!?”

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Lunch is a Social Event!

Date: July 26th, 2023

When you have cafeteria duty, will it be loud? Of course! Lunch is supposed to be a social time for kids.

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Ask Polly Bath: Getting Kids to Do Group Activities

Date: July 22nd, 2023

Polly answers the question: “How do I get my 6th graders to engage in group activities when they are so screen dependent?”

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Behaviors and Teacher’s Emotions

Date: July 19th, 2023

We all have an automatic thought when a kid gives us behaviors. But we have to make sure to catch the emotions that go with our automatic thought!

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