Ask Polly: Behavior Management Isn’t Working Anymore!

Date: November 13th, 2022

Polly answers the question: “I’ve been using clip charts, marble jars, and other behavior management techniques I’ve learned over the years, but they’re not working that well anymore. Can you recommend one that works?”

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Ask Polly: Vaping in the Bathroom?

Date: November 5th, 2022

Polly answers the question: “How can we address vaping in the high school bathrooms?”

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Ask Polly: How Do I Settle Kids After Lunch and Recess?

Date: August 21st, 2022

Polly answers the question: “Every time we have to shift gears or especially when my 4th graders come back from lunch and recess, it’s a nightmare! How can I get them to settle in quicker?”

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My role with the kid who plays video games all night?

Date: August 7th, 2022

We might want to pass judgment on the decisions some kids make, like staying up all night to play video games. But instead, focus on the skills you can teach them to still succeed.

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Blurred Lines of Authority at Home

Date: July 10th, 2022

When the lines of authority are blurry at home, those kids bring that into school. Which means we have to teach them that things are different at school.

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Screen Time as a Behavior Reward?

Date: July 3rd, 2022

‘Screen time’ as a reward does not teach social skills. Which means you could be making social skills worse by using screen time as a reward.

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Keep a “Neutral” Face

Date: June 26th, 2022

When a kid says or does something that gets under our skin, the worst thing we can do is show that it annoyed us. Instead, we want to keep those emotions inside and a neutral face on the outside.

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When a Kid Swears and Slams the Door…

Date: June 5th, 2022

When you ask a kid to leave the classroom, and they swear at you and slam the door, the best thing you can do is KEEP TEACHING the other kids. Because they’re all watching to see how you respond.

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Sending Kids to the Office is a Bad Idea

Date: April 17th, 2022

When I was a classroom teacher, I did not send kids to the office unless they were shutting down my instruction. And here’s why you shouldn’t either.

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Behavior 101: Don’t Take the Bait!

Date: February 27th, 2022

Here are some tips to help prevent getting “baited” by a student’s behavior.

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