Teach Transition Skills or Suffer the Consequences!

Date: October 4th, 2022

Transitions between classes tend to create behaviors. Why? Because we don’t give kids the few minutes they need to mentally prepare themselves for the next thing.

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Disorganization Is Not Bad Behavior!

Date: September 13th, 2022

Organization is a cognitive skill. It’s not bad behavior when a kid is disorganized!

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Ask Polly: How Do I Settle Kids After Lunch and Recess?

Date: August 21st, 2022

Polly answers the question: “Every time we have to shift gears or especially when my 4th graders come back from lunch and recess, it’s a nightmare! How can I get them to settle in quicker?”

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Anxiety: “I Can’t Find the Words”

Date: July 17th, 2022

Kids often have a hard time expressing themselves, they can’t always find the words. As much as we want to jump in to help them, don’t! Just give them time!

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I Beg You. Teach Transition Skills.

Date: April 23rd, 2022

There will be behaviors if we expect kids to transition without teaching them those skills!

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Behavior 101: Don’t Take the Bait!

Date: February 27th, 2022

Here are some tips to help prevent getting “baited” by a student’s behavior.

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BE PREDICTABLE in Times of Uncertainty

Date: January 9th, 2022

Behavior unravels when things are not predictable and consistent, which is exactly what’s been happening this past year and a half!

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Consistency SOLVES Behavior Problems

Date: September 19th, 2021

When we are NOT consistent we create behavior problems. END OF STORY!

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Amazing DECREASE in Behaviors, Bullying…

Date: September 5th, 2021

When adults are visible in school hallways, two things happen: behaviors DECREASE, and kids become comfortable with you, just because they SEE you regularly!

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Make NO Mean NO!!!

Date: August 1st, 2021

From the first day of school, you have to teach kids that when you say no it means NO. This will REALLY help with behaviors!

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