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Classroom management – the power of observation

Date: January 30th, 2014
By: Polly Bath

Watch this video [0:54] to learn how being observed helps me manage behavior better.

Sometimes, I have someone come in and observe my classroom. Folks, if you ask someone to come in and observe or SST says, “Come in and observe.” I know because I’ve observed your classroom.

When you’re in the midst of teaching, you often don’t see some of the stuff that’s going on around the corner or in the back. If someone goes in there and does an observation, they’re not critiquing you. They’re helping you to really maybe see some other angles to open up some of the windows for you.

When you get frustrated, ask somebody. You can even go to SST and say, “Is there anybody that can come and help me.”

They look at the menu of services and say, “Yes, we have someone who can do an observation tomorrow. What’s a good time”?

That’s enough to give me some feedback that might help me with some classroom strategy.
Click on my video above for more.