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Recess behavior: the wall doesn’t teach anything

Date: June 11th, 2015
By: Polly Bath

What does a kid without patience or social skills do if they don’t want to wait in line to go down the slide?

There are certain behaviors we usually see in this situation.

The kid will cut the line and go down the slide. Or, he will kick down the kid in front of him, step over him, and go down the slide. Probably the most common behavior we see is the kid climbing up the slide to go down it.

There is no teacher that will say to the child, “You know what? Jump down the ladder now because you’re not suppose to go up that way.” Instead, we say, “Come down and go to the wall.”

I’ve known kids who go straight to the wall when the bells rings because they know they will end up there anyway.

But going to the wall doesn’t teach these kids anything. They still don’t know what to do. It just temporarily takes the kid out for the moment.