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Addressing Effects of the Pandemic: Reduce Behaviors, Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma, While Increasing Student Engagement

These uncertain times have made both behaviors and student engagement worse. But, exhausted though many of us may be, we can still take a clear-eyed look at what we can do to improve behavior and engagement now.

This workshop will look at how every educator can:

  • Reduce chronic student stress and anxiety with simple, doable changes.
  • Increase student engagement by recognizing and responding to hidden signs of student trauma and chronic stress.
  • Help more students change disruptive behavior by changing the way you view and respond to misbehavior, including addressing skill deficits and causal factors.
  • Solve SEL challenges that are interrupting instruction – without waiting for a curriculum or someone else to teach the social and emotional skills you wish your students had today.
  • Hold kids more accountable using common language and expectations, and logical restorative consequences.
  • Reduce student and adult stress by creating consistent expectations for lunch, hallway, and recess duties. (It’s easier than you think.)
  • Merge social-emotional learning, school values, and various curriculums to meet the needs of your population.

Polly Bath is a veteran educator. She is known for fun, practical, uplifting workshops!

Remember: When you change your RESPONSE to a student’s behavior, the student will change the BEHAVIOR.

Audience: General and special education teachers, school and district administrators, guidance counselors, school social workers, school adjustment counselors, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, PreK-12.