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5 Steps Every Educator Can Take to Address BEHAVIOR, TRAUMA, & SEL in a Remote or In-Person Classroom

This is Polly Bath’s popular “5 Steps to Solving a Behavior” training, adapted to the remote and in-person needs of the 2020-21 school year.

First, some realities: In 2020-21 kids will present with more behaviors, more trauma, and more social and emotional needs. Whether we’re teaching remotely or in-person, a big behavior will be REFUSAL – refusal to participate, refusal to follow directions, refusal to give us their attention, and refusal to do work. We will see lots of other behaviors as well!

This practical workshop will include “5 Steps to Solving a Behavior,” adapted to 2020-21 remote and in-person classrooms:

Step 1: Identify a specific behavior you want to change.

Step 2: Figure out what is motivating the behavior using a quick assessment.

Step 3: Plan how you will react to the behavior.

Step 4: Design a logical consequence.

Step 5: Reduce and eliminate the student’s need for the behavior.

These strategies can be applied to one student, a classroom, or school-wide.

The handout will provide a guide through the 5-step process, including scenarios, examples, and templates.

This workshop will be presented with Polly Bath’s trademark humor and practicality.

Audience: General and special education teachers and paras, school and district administrators, guidance counselors, school social workers, school adjustment counselors, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, PreK-12.