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Managing & Changing Difficult Classroom Behavior That Interrupts Instruction

2011 05 12_0102_edited-4This excellent one-day training gets right to the heart of the matter: how can educators help change difficult behavior in the classroom, not just manage it? Focus will be on:

  • Avoiding the cycle-of-conflict and staying out of power struggles;
  • Saying and doing the things that will reduce problem behaviors;
  • Avoiding the removal of the same students from class by teaching them the skills they lack;
  • Keeping a cool head and not taking poor behavior personally;
  • Predicting which assignments will stimulate poor behavior in certain students and taking steps in advance;
  • Managing confrontational behavior;
  • Intervening in a hostile situation;
  • Managing yourself in a conflict;
  • Identifying the deficit skill areas (social and academic) of the defiant student;
  • Identifying what has been done already to change the behavior but that hasn’t worked;
  • “Pinpointing” target behaviors on which to focus;
  • Designing a plan or multiple plans to address the targeted behavior(s);
  • Teaching the student new behavior skills;
  • Designing and implementing behavior management “scripts” to address targeted behaviors (developed by Dr. Mike Mezzocchi); and
  • Keeping the plan dynamic by assessing the plan and identifying changes if needed.

Learn how to decrease disruptive behavior! Moreover, when confrontations do arise, learn how to keep your cool when everyone else is losing theirs!