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Behavior: don’t teach kids everyone wins

Date: December 24th, 2014
By: Polly Bath

Everyone won! But is that really the case? Watch this video [1:14] to see how this causes problems.

Kids cannot seem to lose. It is just amazing. If I go to one more tee ball game where it’s a tie…

Guess what? One team won, the other team lost.

“But they’re crying.”

They’ll be fine. They will live. They will not turn into raisins because they lost and they’re crying. They’re OK. They’ve got to learn to cope with that.

We have set kids up where everybody gets a trophy. Everybody is a winner. Everybody gets a blue ribbon. They don’t know how to handle competition anymore.

Competition is a life skill. Some kids love it, other people hate it. But we all have to deal with it.

We’re sending kids the wrong message by saying, “We’re not keeping score. This is just for fun.” Or, “Guess what? These guys didn’t win, but let’s have some trophies made anyway.

What are we teaching you?