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Behavior: is my way always the right way?

Date: November 6th, 2014
By: Polly Bath

Thinking my own way to behave is the best way will cause me problems in managing student behavior. Watch this video [1:48] to learn why.

Polly Bath: Most of us feel our way is the right way to behave. It’s an ingrained automatic thought.

The way we were taught is ingrained in us. The way we were punished shaped our own behavior. What worked for us growing up is burned in our minds.

Consider this–the actions we did to get our needs met, and the way everybody redirected us, is how WE learned. What is difficult is that we expect that everybody else learned the same way.

For example, when we are driving on the highway, don’t we often say about the other drivers, “What’s wrong with this person? Didn’t they learn how to drive?”

Yes, they did. They just didn’t learn how to drive YOUR way.

They didn’t learn how to shake hands or greet people your way. They didn’t learn about personal boundaries and space your way.

It’s important to realize, and remember, that people didn’t learn the same way we did. So we don’t want to assume that they have.