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Let’s describe good behavior choices as well as poor ones

Date: January 9th, 2014
By: Polly Bath

Watch this video [1:33] to learn about describing both good and bad behavior choices for kids.

One of the things I do is really define for kids what it means when they are making good behavior choices.

It is important to target problem behaviors for them using common language, such as, “That was really disruptive behavior.” But how about if we turn the table the opposite direction and teach, what does it look like when you’re non‑disruptive? Give some examples.

When you’re non‑disruptive, it looks like this. You’re sitting at your desk not making a noise. When you’re non‑disruptive, it looks like this. You’re sitting in the circle, kind of looking at what we’re talking about, and not poking anybody or making any noises.

Things like refusal. When you’re not refusing, what does compliance look like? The opposite. Compliance is you’re following directions. You’re doing what we’re asking you to do, and following expectations that are very clear.

Things like responsibility. We talk about when kids are irresponsible, and they’re not prepared for class, don’t have the materials or they’re late, not there on time. Let’s teach responsibility in a very targeted way. What does it look like when you’re responsible? Give some examples and some ideas. Have kids generate those ideas.

Do that for every behavior. Teach what it is to actually be doing what you’re supposed to be doing, instead of always focusing on what they’re doing wrong.
Click on my video above for more.