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The fastest way to wreck a perfectly good behavior plan

Date: January 2nd, 2014
By: Polly Bath

Watch this video [0:54] to learn the single factor that renders most behavior plans useless.

The biggest problem you’re going to have with your behavior management plans, and their success or not success, is going to be this — everything we do in response to the targeted behavior has to be consistent. That’s the biggest difficulty with a management plan: consistency.

You can have the best management plan in the world, but if it’s not consistently followed, or if in three or four days, people say, “This ain’t working. Let’s do something else,” it won’t work.

That’s the key. It’s got to be consistent. You got to convince people to keep on going. If that child, a week later, starts to look like, “Man, they’re getting it,” don’t stop what you’re doing.

It takes a long time for that behavior to change itself and turn away. Even if the child is doing better, don’t stop.
Click on my video above for more.