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Increasing Student Outcomes through the Use of Effective Co-Teaching: General and Special Education in the General Classroom Setting

While we accept that "it takes a village to raise a child," many educators see themselves as islands unto themselves. However, the expanding demands placed upon general and special educators make it nearly impossible to meet the diverse needs of students while working in isolation from one another. Co-Teaching is a solution to this.

This training, designed for both beginners as well as more experienced teaching partners who are ready to refine their current practices, will provide strategies to:

  • choose the best co-teaching model for any given lesson, based on the goal of the instructional activity;
  • clarify roles and responsibilities;
  • develop effective planning systems; and
  • set up effective communication and problem-solving strategies.

Teachers who use an effective Co-Teaching model love the satisfaction and results they get–they never want to go back. Effective Co-Teaching takes planning, coordination, sensitivity, using the right model at the right time, and avoiding the pitfalls.

Target Audience: general and special educators and administrators