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Progress Monitoring: Bridging General and Special Education Requirements

Both NCLB and IDEA 04 provide expectations for increased achievement for students and increased accountability for educators. Progress monitoring, the systematic approach to collecting and analyzing data to make instructional decisions and ensure students receive appropriate interventions in a timely manner, is one approach that can help bridge the requirements of these two far reaching laws. As school districts grapple with implementing Response to Intervention systems and exploring alternative models for specific learning disability eligibility, it is critical that staff can utilize progress monitoring tools such as curriculum-based measurement and behavioral data collection.  Participants will learn the essential components of Curriculum-Based Measurement and its use in universal school-wide assessments and on-going progress monitoring for students in need of more intensive intervention.

Option A: One Day Workshop: The purpose of this training is to build general awareness.

Option B: Training & Consulting Series: This option is for schools interested in implementing progress monitoring through Curriculum-Based Measurement.  This option includes additional training in CBM and instructional decision-making.