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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a systematic way to ensure high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs. Within the context of a problem-solving model, educators make decisions about goals and instruction based on frequent progress monitoring of students’ responses to instruction.  While at first glance RTI may look simple, it is anything but. In practice, it challenges each school to look critically at current models of problem solving, intervention, and eligibility criteria for special education services.

Option A: One-Day Workshop: This workshop will provide an overview of the essential components of an RTI system, a look at various models of implementation, and strategies for assessing interventions and school readiness.

Target Audience: administrators, general educators and special educators

Option B: Training & Consulting Series: A multi-day series is available for schools and or school districts ready to develop a plan for implementing an RTI system.  Schools will complete an RTI School Readiness Assessment in order to determine those essential components already in place and those needed to move forward.  Areas to be addressed generally include the extent each school is collecting and utilizing student data; the structure and effectiveness of the current problem-solving processes; effectiveness of interventions currently available and how they can be maximized; redefinition of various service provider roles; and exploration of new models for identification of specific learning disabilities.  The series will result in a school-based plan for change.  Follow-up consultation will focus on effective, systemic implementation.

Target Audience: School Implementation Team(s), each composed of central office and building administrators; general and special educators; guidance personnel; and reading and math specialists

Option C: Five Day Summer Institute with Consulting During School Year: A five-day Summer Institute on RTI is designed for RTI Implementation Teams, one per school, and results in a school-based plan for implementation the following school year. Consultation is then available beginning in the fall as each Implementation Team moves forward in making the necessary systemic changes needed for full school-wide practice of RTI.  Districts may organize a regional RTI Summer Institute if they like, inviting their neighboring districts to participate. Each Implementation Team will receive individualized attention during the 5-day institute.

Target Audience: same as Option B above