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Experienced Special Education Directors: Professional Practice

This 6–12 day workshop series for experienced Special Education Directors would be tailored to meet the client’s needs. For example, it might include Topics 1–3 plus selections from the remaining Topics, with the series spread throughout the school year. This workshop series assumes participants have developed adequate competencies as covered in New Special Education Directors: Professional Practice .

Topic 1: Accountability
2 days (back-to-back or about a month apart)

  • Increased expectations for the progress of all students provide Special Education Administrators both challenges and opportunities. This two-day session will examine what we need to know about large scale assessments, grade level expectations (GLEs), how to use assessment data to improve instruction for students with disabilities, dealing with the AYP "blame game" and helping one’s staff reflect on their practices. Participants are encouraged to bring their assessment or curriculum coordinators to these sessions.

Topic 2: Paraprofessionals
2 days (back-to-back or about a month apart)

  • Over the past decade, schools have become increasingly reliant on the use of paraprofessionals in the day-to-day operations of our schools. This two-day session will examine the use and possible overuse of paraprofessionals in special and general education classrooms and the alternatives available to schools. Participants will be expected to bring a general education administrator to these sessions.

Topic 3: Creating a Unified System of Education
2 days (back-to-back or about a month apart)

  • Since the passage of P.L. 94-142 in 1975, one unintended consequence has been the evolution of parallel educational systems. With increasing expectations for schools and decreasing resources to do the job, professionals struggle to collaborate within their educational settings. Participants will be challenged to envision a single, unified education system through examining their own beliefs and working effectively with their fellow administrators. Participants are invited to bring their Superintendents to one of these sessions.

Topic 4: RTI
Topic 5: Conflict Resolution
Topic 6: Recruitment and Retention of Special Education Teachers
Topic 7: School and Program Improvement
Topic 8: Service Delivery Models
Topic 9: How Has Special Education Changed and How Do We Need to Respond?