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Training: A Clear and Concise FBA©

2011 05 12_0151_edited-2Purpose: To provide educators with an efficient FBA process that:

  • Yields a clear, concise, user-friendly report,
  • Helps every adult manage the behavior,
  • Intervenes to stop the behavior,
  • Is so efficient it can be used proactively on students at risk, as well as when required.

Description: A Clear and Concise FBA© is an efficient, complete FBA process that changes behaviors.

A Clear and Concise FBA© guides trained users in:

  1. Collecting key information, including critical information from the student’s teachers.
  2. Identifying the student’s skill deficits, using The Domain Profile: Six Critical Domains of School Success©.
  3. Determining the causal factors for the behavior. What function is the behavior serving in the student’s life?
  4. Writing a Management Plan to respond to the behavior. Adults are given clear, concise daily tools: When Billy does A, every adult does B. Every day, every time. (Now Billy is surrounded with clear expectations, consistency, and predictability.)
  5. Designing and carrying out an Intervention Plan to stop the behavior. The intervention feature of A Clear and Concise FBA© is why Billy will change his behavior.  A student gets into trouble because there is a skill deficit, and sometimes a weakness that contributes to it. The Intervention Plan teaches the student the missing skills.
  6. Compiling a short, easy-to-use report. This report contains only the necessary information and nothing else.
  7. Bonus: Learn how to write a team-written FBA. Team-written FBAs are efficient and objective! A Clear and Concise FBA© can be written by a team of trained special and general educators.

(A Clear and Concise FBA©  can be used with existing software.)

Target Audience for Training: Special educators, guidance, school social workers, school psychologists, speech and language professionals, OTs, PTs, general educators, and their administrators, PreK-12.

Professional Development:

  • Foundation Training: Two-day training for teams from one or multiple schools in a district. Day One focuses on learning the process. Day Two guides each team in writing A Clear and Concise FBA© on one of their own students. An optional one-day version is available.
  • Follow-up training/consultation for FBA writers: Multiple types of follow up are available: coaching around specific FBAs; more advanced training in designing Intervention Plans that stop behavior; coaching classroom teachers in management and intervention; working with parents, and so on.
  • Follow-up training or consulting for classroom teachers: Coaching classroom teachers in key behavior management skills with specific students.
  • Administrators’ Overview: A half-day training for administrators whose staff have received training in A Clear and Concise FBA©.