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What is the REAL problem when a student violates the dress code?

Date: March 19th, 2013
By: Polly Bath

Watch this video [1:12] to learn what the real problem is when students don’t follow the dress code or the rules about cell phones.

From a behavior standpoint, your school’s dress code has nothing to do with any actual behavior problem. Therefore, in a behavior situation, be careful not to get pulled into a debate about the dress code itself.

What’s the real behavior problem when a student violates the dress code?

Refusing to follow a school rule is the problem.

If I have Mom or Dad sitting in my office, I say, “The problem is that your child is refusing to follow the rule.” This is important, because folks frequently want to debate the rule itself. It’s not about the rule. It’s about refusing to follow it.

It’s the same with cell phone rules. It’s OK for a student to have a cell phone. She can have 10 cell phones in her pocket in my classroom if she wants to, I don’t care.

But if she pulls it out and uses it, she’s refusing to follow the rule, and that’s what I address.

It’s an important distinction.

Click on my video above for more.